Mailing the puppy by post… What?!

I woke up this morning to the news on CNN about a woman who put a 4-month old puppy inside a cardboard box, sealed it, went to the post office and tried to mail it… Excuse me?!… I found a slightly new definition to a “wake up call”. Can you hear the screech of my brain going into reverse?

The story was circling around for couple of weeks but I was happily oblivious to it. Till this morning. Now, my brain is still screeching and I simply can’t comprehend what kind of person would be capable of doing anything like this?… I know, I know. The answer is kind of obvious. It’s pushing its way through my mouth. Or my fingers since I’m writing. However, it’s rude to call people intelligence-referring names.

The woman reportedly said that she had no way of knowing she wasn’t supposed to send a puppy by mail: “They don’t have no display of what should be shipped and what should not be shipped. Well, they said they deliver. I ship and they deliver.”…Yeah… It’s still rude to call people intelligence-referring names. Or maybe I don’t want to be sued for defamation cause it’d get ugly once I would “set my fingers free”.

A postal service worker said the woman had been asked the standard questions, including whether anything inside was perishable. A piece of advice to the postal services around the world – add a better defined and straightforward question: “is there anything alive in the box?”

I’m still pondering how cruel and…(imagine lots of terms referring to different stages of intelligence)… one has to be to even think about putting anything alive in the sealed box and shipping it off. The puppy most likely wouldn’t have survived the journey – such a sweet, innocent little thing. All puppies are so cute… even if some of them turn later into ugly creatures. Or maybe I shouldn’t call any dog ugly – that’s rude and it’s a matter of taste anyway. Let me rephrase it to hmm- or unusual-looking. These terms aren’t necessarily negative, just opened for interpretation. And let me be clear on the subject: it’s not only cute puppies that shouldn’t be mailed in the sealed box but all living creatures of different shapes and sizes as well, even the “are-you-kidding-me” and “why-would-you-want-it-as-a-pet-in-the-first-place” ones.

One last comment. The woman was charged with two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty and lost custody of the puppy (she wanted it back!). She’s learning such things have a way of biting back. Metaphorically speaking. Or physically – if only the puppy got a chance… Or wait till it grows a bit and has more biting capabilities…

I may be cute now...

But I'll get you for this later.

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