12-year-old girl + school trip + giving birth = one sad story

This time, it’s not a story to make you laugh.

Groningen, 114 miles northeast of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 11-year-old girl becomes pregnant. Months go by and nobody, including the girl, is aware of anything… First pause. Really?! The girl not having a clue about what’s going on – that’s expected. But all grown-ups around her? How can you not notice changes in the 11-going-on-12 girl carrying a baby? Unless the girl is seriously on a plump side. No information about the girl has been released – rightly so. Thus, this one will remain a mystery… Now 12 years old, the girl goes on a school trip. Suddenly, she starts experiencing violent stomach pains. Teachers become suspicious and call emergency… Second pause. To applaud these “observant” and “amazing” teachers. So there’s no misunderstanding, I’m being sarcastic now… The girl is on the verge of giving birth when the ambulance arrives. Medics rush her to the nearby building and deliver a healthy baby girl… Third pause. To applaud the medics. For real… Both the child-mother and her newborn arrive at the hospital and are doing well… Forth and final pause. To applaud and wish both of them the best…

End of story? Not really. Just the beginning for the 12-year-old-and-way-too-soon-to-become-mother and her baby, with uncertain futures and probably going to foster care after leaving the hospital. Though, hopefully, the beginning of the end for the baby’s father, whoever the bastard is.

And who’s the bastard? The 12-year-old mother refused to name him and it’s now for the police to do a good job and find him. They’re suspicious of one person… and here the story becomes even worse.

The girl’s father. He has previously sexually abused another older daughter and served two years in prison for the sex crime. Then, he won custody over the girl and her brother following a divorce from their mother… What the hell?! The guy sentenced for sexual abuse wins custody case???!!! Makes me wonder what kind of person the mother might have been to lose the case against such a bastard… Or maybe what kind of social services and justice system there are in the Netherlands. Personally, I’m pissed at the latter. No excuses to leave kids with such a scum of a father.

So, the abusing father of the 12-year-old can be a father of her baby. Another tragic and sad story about child abuse and pathetic system that fails to protect the kid.

And you know what? As shocking as it is, this girl is not even close to “breaking the record” for the youngest known mother. This belongs to a 5-year-old girl who gave birth to a son in Peru, in 1939. It’s not a typo error – a 5-year-old mother. Sadly, there are also many 6 to 11 years old mothers before we can even discuss girls that became mothers at the age of 12…

It’s an insane world sometimes.

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