Vampire Woman

Maria Jose Cristerna has dental fangs, surgically implanted titanium horns, tattoos covering 90% of her body, and so many piercings you need to be good at math to count them all.

Tattoos and piercings are nothing special these days, but combine them with subcutaneous implants and you get a brilliantly freakish and creepy looking 35-year-old former lawyer and mother of four. You get a Vampire Woman. Made in Mexico.

Cristerna began modifying her body while she was recovering from an abusive relationship. She says she’s using all the attention she gets to raise awareness about domestic abuse and help other victims. “I went through a bad marriage and learned to be stronger. Warriors tattoo their faces, so I’m a warrior for my kids, too.”

Her intentions are surely admirable. What’s also admirable is her immunity to pain – all of these must’ve hurt like hell.  What I hope for is that her kids indeed see her as a warrior and not as the reason they can’t sleep well at night (they must’ve gotten used to their mommy’s look, right?).

Cristerna says that her body transformation has been a part of taking her taste to the extreme. “Life is short and sometimes we waste it on many things, so I’ve chosen beauty. And for me it’s beautiful to be this way, so that’s why I do it.”

Yeah…beauty has many faces. Is it one of them?

The road to becoming Vampire Woman

Vampire Woman at her sawing machine

Noodles a la Vampire?

Lawyer look a la Vampire































































Maria Jose Cristerna - cute girl vs Vampire Woman

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One Response to Vampire Woman

  1. Anonymous says:

    i think that people who go through what she went through should resolve in therapy sometimes body art is a way of hiding from the world in ink buh i think she brought out the devil in her by standing up for herself given she ddnt manage to do it that time buh the outcome of it she had to potray her fearless ways by covering herself with a mask making her subject to mockery a maskerade and a woman who is worshipping satan in that rhetrospect.As for me as a christian i believe it to be against my belief but who am i to judge like she said life is too short so live it while you can buh soon judgement day shall come amen

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