“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” – Exclusive interview with Magic Mirror

In a magical stint for Allvoices, Dr. BSS ended up interviewing Magic Mirror!!! Amazing, right?! You can find it on Allvoices or just scroll down and read it here.

Amazing, right?!

I know, I already wrote that, but it was amazing!!!



"Mirror Mirror" starring Julia Roberts, Lily Collins and Magic Mirror


Allvoices was LIVE on the red carpet for “Mirror Mirror” premiere event in Hollywood and we talked to…Magic Mirror! It…He…surprised us with cracking (no pun intended) humor and lively facial expressions… hmm… mirror expressions (?), though they weren’t easy to interpret. Also, you can’t miss a bombshell Magic Mirror dropped on us about Ron Paul! And for those fashionistas wanting to know who Magic Mirror was wearing – nobody; just very stylish wood frame and gorgeously shining mirror. And two guys carrying it…him.


It’s fantastic to see you in a big Hollywood production alongside such a star as Julia Roberts! Congratulations!

Oh yes, thank you! And being in a movie entitled after me! I’m psyched! It was absolutely great to partner with Julia. We had a blast!

And it’s been such a great year for you! There’s another movie with you alongside Charlize Theron and teen favorite Kristen Stewart coming soon…

Yes! “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Though, I have to tell you, my role is very tiny there (cringing a bit; or was it a reflection in the mirror?). Disappointing, really… (cringing; it’s definitely cringing).

But I’m so happy to finally show my talent in real movies! There are so many animations about me but there’s barely anything else, you know. All I’m saying is: stop drawing me and make some real movies! I’m here in flesh and blood…or rather in wood and glass (laughing).

So what have you been doing besides acting? We imagine you need a steady job when acting stints are far and few between.

I’m very much involved with all these online dating agencies. How do you think they match people up? I’m so much better than any technology (chuckling; definitely chuckling; not a sound of cracking wood).

We actually would love to take this unique opportunity and ask you a different question. It’s an election year in the States and we wonder whether you’d share with us your magical knowledge about our top Republican candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, and, of course, reigning President Barack Obama.

Oh…I see… Do you campaign for any of them? (laughing; quite hard actually; we worried the mirror would break). Okay, then. Ask away, you know how it goes.

Julia Roberts and Magic Mirror in the scene from "Mirror Mirror"

Brilliant! I actually dreamt of saying it to you! You have no idea! Okay. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

I’ve been asked this very often these days (what was it? winking?). Anyway, I have to admit I’m a bit taken aback by Ricky. I mean, what’s his deal with picking up on women so much? He’s so rude and inconsiderate. I work with women all the time and believe me when I say it’s not wise to make an enemy out of them (smiling mischievously). This behavior won’t take him anywhere.

As for Willy… Oh, sorry… He goes by his middle name, right? Okay. As for Mitt, he just can’t figure out who he is. He first changed from Independent to Republican. Then, he was governing a very liberal state of Massachusetts where he was gay-friendly and came up with a health care that spawned current Obamacare… And look at him now. Total mirror image (chuckling; we’re getting these expressions a bit easier now). Like a tree in the wind, this one is. And doesn’t he know Cold War is over? What’s with calling Russia a “number one geopolitical foe“? I’m telling you, like with women, you want to be careful with Russia (mischievously rising an eyebrow; of course Magic Mirror doesn’t have eyebrows but that’s the best interpretation of the expression we could come up with).

Obama… So, is he American or not?

Yes, yes, he’s American. But you’re not really giving us any magical input, Magic Mirror…

Yeah… See, I’m not sure it’s my place to tell people what I really see. After all, I can’t vote in the States. My status here is ‘Resident Alien’ and I don’t think you’ll ever get over the ‘alien’ part… (laughing very hard; almost topped over one guy holding it…him).

(After putting itself…himself…together) I don’t think it’s my place to influence people’s choice if I can’t be a part of the choice, you know. You should talk with Julia. She’s very passionate about politics. But be careful. She’s a WOMAN who’s very passionate about politics. Don’t pull Ricky Santorum on her. Trade carefully… (chuckling; no, sorry; it was actually the sound of cracking wood this time; Magic Mirror only smiled mischievously).

Magically unfathomable of you, Magic Mirror… (we’re all laughing). Thank you so much for talking to us and…

Just a sec, my dear. I need to get something off my chest, so to speak (smiling but turning serious). I may be made of wood and glass but I am magical so I have a soul, you see, and I feel so bad right now. Some time ago, Ron Paul came to me and asked: “Mirror mirror on the wall, who will win it all?” I felt so sympathetic. I looked into those big sad and hopeful eyes and I just couldn’t…just couldn’t (Magic Mirror’s crying?). And now I hear he thinks he’s still winning the GOP Presidential nomination race. Despite the fact that numbers show he’s actually a distant last. I just want everyone to know he’s not delusional. He simply still believes in what I told him… It’s all my fault and I need to come clean and let Ronny know I…I…lied (Magic Mirror isn’t crying; it started to drizzle and water droplets are streaming down the mirror; but it…he…is definitely very sad). I am so sorry. My lie made Ronny believe he can…but he can’t… Forgive me Ronny, but the truth is you won’t win it all. I should’ve been honest with you. That’s what happens when I try to act human. I lie.

Wow… These are shocking news… Wow. But, please, don’t be so sad Magic Mirror. At least we all know what happened and, you know, people will probably feel so sorry for Ron Paul now that they may actually support him more…

Yes! You’re right! You humans love sob stories! Ronny may actually gain from all this mess I caused. Brilliant! Thank you! (Magic Mirror is jumping up and down; the guys holding it…him…are about to lose the grip; just put it…him…down on the red carpet already!).

Great! Happy we can end it on an optimistic note. It was so amazing talking to you, Magic Mirror! Thank you!

It was my pleasure. Enjoy ‘Mirror Mirror’! I hope you’ll like it. And choose wisely in the upcoming Presidential Election! (Magic Mirror’s waving goodbye; actually, the guy holding it…him…is waving after Magic Mirror told him to).

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