Fool me once…Fool me twice…To hell with shame on you or me

April Fools’ Day.

It’s not a day when you wake up, feel like a fool already, and are discouraged to even start your day – these are all other workdays in a year (weekends can be a bit better if you work on it).

On April Fools’ Day, you wake up, you feel like a fool, but you can laugh about it because it’s just a prank!

See, April Fools’ Day is like a therapy – you can and should laugh heartily at everything foolish. And don’t give a damn about the shame! It’s your only chance for a foolishly shameless laugh since, during the rest of the year, the foolish things make you everything but giggle.

So, let yourself be fooled, laugh freely, but don’t believe that penguins can fly, people harvest spaghetti in southern Switzerland, Eiffel Tower will be dismantled and moved to Disneyland Paris or St. Paul’s Cathedral to north London. Stylish thermal ties to protect heat loss from the most vulnerable part of the body, the chest, to save on office heating bills have not been invented. And, no matter how sad you are books and movies have ended and would like the epic battle against dark magic to continue, the Harry Potter spin-off “The Aurors” is not coming to TV this summer.

Believing all these would be just foolish…

… These are simply the best April Fools’ Day TV pranks ever!

Watch and laugh shamelessly today because tomorrow will be, shamefully, the Real Fools’ Day.

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