Hamster Plays Dead – Or Does It?

An adorable hamster gets shot with the finger gun and pretends to be dead. Or does it really pretend?

This little hamster is either a brilliant actor or its owner simply scared the crap out of it.

Watch below and tell me what you think.

Supposedly “no hamsters were hurt in the making of this film”, but why doesn’t the movie continue a bit longer? To where the little fellow hops up and goes around its business, for example.

If you watch the end closely, the little fellow is trying to get up. Or at least it’s moving – I don’t think we can be sure whether it’s gosh-I-got-too-fat-and-can’t-get-my-ass-up-that-easily attempt or WTF-just-happened muscle twitches.

But, it’s probably safe to assume the hamster was at least alive by the end of the shooting.

So, are we watching a brilliant act by a talented adorable hamster or a brilliant act by a scared shitless adorable hamster?

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