Supernatural Doping in Sport

There are five classes of prohibited substances and three methods of doping banned from use in sports.  The list, updated annually, includes hundreds of illegal drugs, some dependent on the method of administration – inhalation versus tablet versus injection. But one invisible and supernatural “drug” and its method of delivery aren’t on that list.

Cristiano Ronaldo in need of divine help


Praying to God for divine intervention.


How often have you seen a soccer player crossing himself, kneeling, reaching to the Heavens and what’s not before the game, the free kick, or the penalty? And not daring to forget to thank “the Superpower” after the attempt turns out successfully. Not so much when the attempt doesn’t turn out successfully.



UEFA European Championships are on, so watch a game or two and count how often it happens. A lot. One could think these are bloody monks or priests on the field…


Who doesn’t know American football quarterback Tim Tebow praying on the field with more devotion than he puts into executing his downfield passing skills before the game, after, during?… Well, if you’re not an American you blissfully have no clue who he is, but, scarily enough, “tebow” became a verb in the U.S. – rather easy to imagine what kind of action this verb describes.

Tebowing Tim Tebow


From tennis players, swimmers, track & field athletes and cyclists to weight lifters and boxers – so many of them are asking for a supernatural “helping hand” from God since not so supernatural help from certain drugs isn’t that easy to get with anti-doping agencies watching.


The crucial factor here is whether God is listening. Whether He’s breaking the human law and participates in the unlawful practices to provide performance enhancing help to those asking for it.

Hmm…that’s THE question, isn’t it? Unquestionably, it would be immensely difficult for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to investigate these supernatural activities and find any evidence against God. Maybe they could ask some religious leaders and communicating-with-God presumed experts for help. The Pope? Dalai Lama? Lucilla the Psychic?

Getting any statements or explanations from God may not be possible, but what matters is that all those praying humans do believe they’re getting divine help, a spiritual boost, and spiritual can definitely affect physical.

Other nonbelievers or simply “non-praying” athletes are put at a big disadvantage since they don’t have an access to “spiritual doping”. And haven’t sport organizations banned the use of performance enhancing drugs for the very reason of giving equal chances to all athletes?

A group of Counter-Prayers fighting illegal supernatural doping – always difficult to get their faces, though…

Thus, the final question is whether WADA should add “praying for divine intervention” to the list of illegal doping? It could be listed under the prohibited substances as the “supernatural performance enhancing stimulant” or under the methods of administration as “praying”… and “Tebowing”, “making a sign of the cross”, “pointing to the Heavens”, “talking to God by bowing the head”, “talking to God in one’s head”…

…Yeah, it would be an immense challenge for WADA to catch athletes in illegal actions to communicate with God…

…Or maybe a team of Counter-Prayers should be hired for each sport event to level the chances for all competing athletes.

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