Here comes the huggable, and much more, Hugvie – robotic pillow-phone

Hugvie is something for those who feel their phone calls are cold and distant. Well, you may say, not all phone calls are cold and distant… But it’s not about that type of phone calls… Or at least it’s not supposed to be about that type of phone calls.

It’s supposed to be about calling your family, your friends, your girlfriend or boyfriend (but PG-rated), and having a better feeling of interaction and touch (we’re still PG-rated) by using the robotic pillow-phone called Hugvie, not the most advanced robot coming out of Japan.

Hugvie is shaped like a minimal genderless human form. Hugvie is soft. Hugvie is cuddly. Hugvie is sort of creepy.

It works like this: put your mobile phone (no, it doesn’t work with corded phones) into Hugvie’s pocket. And that’s it. Now, call you mom. And hug her. Kind of.

It’s not only about hugging. Hugvie isn’t just an ordinary pillow. It’s a cutting-edge robotic pillow (note: the term “cutting-edge” used very loosely). There are a microcontroller and vibrators inside Hugvie designed to match the characteristics of the caller’s voice. The vibrators pulse at the same rate as a human heartbeat, and the vibrations will either speed up or slow down based on your voice.

So, if you’re pissed with your mom, Hugvie will vibrate faster.

This sounds so wrong. Kind of like a vibrating tattoo letting you know about incoming calls or messages. What’s with this “vibrating technology”? Are raging teenagers behind it all?

Anyway, back to calling your mom who you’re pissed with. Hugging Hugvie could always become Flying Hugvie… I don’t know how tight Hugvie’s pocket is, so there’s a possibility your phone will fly as well, but it’s much safer than taking your frustration directly on the phone, I think. Well, I guess it depends on how frustrated you are…What did you mom do to you?!

Of course, there’s always a chance you will be actually happy with your mom and feel like hugging her. So, go ahead and hug your Hugvie. It’ll be also vibrating slower now…

It’s not just creepy. It’s damn stupid. Sorry Hugvie.

Hiroshi Ishiguro

By the way, the inventor of Hugvie is Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University. I don’t know how old he is, but he doesn’t look like a raging teenager. Though, he looks kind of creepy. Or maybe just chronically pissed off. Call somebody and hug your vibrating Hugvie, Hiroshi. Feel the love…

Let me instruct you on what you should do. Step one: Get yourself a vibrating tattoo (anywhere on your body) to stimulate…sorry, to let you know about incoming calls. Step two: Get yourself huggable vibrating Hugvie to enrich phone call conversations. Conclusion: You’ll save some serious dough on those late night calls to certain “dating agencies” – you’ll get enough vibrating stimulation from technological innovations of the 21st century.

Oh… somebody’s calling me…

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