Booze-filled donuts

Here’s the culinary invention of the century.

Classical, deep-fried, ring- or sphere-shaped donuts eaten by millions of cops people, often filled with fruit preserves, cream, custard, or, as the invention of the century goes,…

…with alcohol.

Donuts filled with liqueur, vodka, tequila, or beer… So many choices, so little time to sober up.


If you want to try some of these delightful creations, head first to Delightful Pastries in a delightful city of Chicago, IL. Try some delightfully named Drunken Donuts filled with vanilla bean and vodka custard, chocolate custard and Godiva chocolate liqueur, or passion fruit and Grand Marnier jelly.

A psycho who loves Psycho Donuts

When you’re done being ‘delightful’, go ‘psycho’ in the Bay Area, CA. Have a shot bite of Strawberry Margarita at Psycho Donuts in very much psycho cities of San Jose or Campbell. If you happen to feel like a psycho around Father’s Day, have some beer-filled donuts made especially for this fatherly occasion.

And if you need to shake off the dark psycho phase, head back to delightful Chicago…

I’m so drunkenly salivating right now… Bon appétit and cheers to Drunken Donuts!

Caution: Be mindful of drunken cops when traveling to any of these cities.

All we need to come full circle is a donut-flavored vodka… And you know what? We did come full circle!

So, if you need a tiny bit of help with digestion after all these booze-filled donuts, have a shot or two of Glazed Donut Vodka.

And then check your poor liver, abused after all those drunken donuts and donutty vodka…

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