The Brotherhood of the Traveling Priests

Most of us need to get to work.



Same goes for the men in black robes. Sometimes in white, brown, or red ones. Or in whatever “Girl! That’s a gorgeous color!” robes these manly men choose to wear.

Priests, pastors, monks, bishops, cardinals… They need to get to work as well.



They may simply decide to walk to work.

Cool Priest

And, while they enjoy their lovely stroll to work, how can they not simply admire these lovely creatures God made to taunt men?

Cool Priest - 2

They may just take public transport. And why not enjoying some brew while waiting for a tram? Jesus drank as well. And that’s why all priests have to drink. Even at work. And that’s why they can’t have too many masses per day. All this wine…

Priest with beer

They may decide to ride.

A horse. A magnificent horse… Yeah, just that…


A motorbike, which always makes you look cool. Even for a man wearing a robe.

Priest on motorcycle

Okay, not always…


A donkey. No way it’ll make anybody look cool. And yes, the robe makes it even worse.

Priest on donkey

They may opt for some healthy kayaking. And for simply gorgeous color coordination.

Priest kayaking

And the coolest of the coolest will go for the X Game-style commute to work. And they’ll totally rock it. Robes and all. Give a woman a dress and she’ll look silly on any of those. It takes a real man to work it, girl…
Hungarian skateboarding priest Zoltan LendvaiPriest-Skating

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