Changing Earth by Google Timelapse

google-timelapse-galleryThe U.S. Geological Survey, NASA, and Google got together for a project to show how planet Earth has changed over a quarter of a century.

You can see how we are changing the planet. Rapid urbanization and growth of cities, Amazon deforestation process, the Columbia Glacier retreat, drying of the Aral Sea or of the Lake Urmia in Iran.

Inspiring and cheerful videos that show our thoughtful expansion, and truly respectful and smart treatment of our planet intended for future generations.

Sarcasm intended.

google timelapseThe project started in the 1970s as a joint mission between the U.S. Geological Survey and NASA, which collected millions of images using the Landsat satellites. In 2009, Google jumped in and started processing the images to make them available online. The images had to be first digitized from tape drives sent back to Earth. Then, Google “busy bees” sorted through more than 2 million images to find the best ones for every year since 1984…for every spot on Earth… and digitally removed clouds, smoke, and other artifacts. With Google’s “busy bees” computer muscle power, the images were then upgraded from choppy sequences to video-like footage for the Web.

Find more on Google’s Earth Engine.


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