Little Jabba the Hutt


Jabba the Hutt wasn’t just a fictional creature in the Star Wars movies. Only its size was fictional.

When you downsize it a bit, the real Jabba the Hutt is a fish that lives off the coast of south-eastern Australia and Tasmania.

blobfish_2Everyone who remembers Juabba the Hutt from Star Wars won’t be surprised to find that the real, little Jabba the Hutt is lacking in the looks department. But calling it the ugliest animal on the planet?…

That’s what The Ugly Animal Preservation Society just did. They selected the little Juabba the Hutt as the ugliest animal on the planet cause they needed “an ugly face for endangered animals.”

Well, I can’t decide whether it was a nice or ugly thing to do…

MB2_2761.NEFBut I know what was simply rude. They got the name wrong. They called Jabba the Hutt the blobfish!

The blobfish! Oh please…. Such an uncool and derogatory name.

Jabba the Blob? Jabba the “Blob” Hutt?

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