About Dr. BSS

Bea Shaylee Sayers (hence BSS initials) is, what some would call, a nerd, know-it-all-better, sometimes arrogant, and difficult specimen. That’s okay; she’s used to being perceived like that. Personally, she thinks she’s simply misunderstood.

See, she’s a scientist; life scientist, to be precise. And she has this creepy Ph.D. degree (hence the addition of “Dr.” to her name; after years of busting her bum she thinks she earned it…yeah, WHATEVER…).

Leaving the life of a scientist – no matter how mediocre or deranged scientist – amplified by yielding to and nurturing her preexisting persona, made Dr. BSS to constantly study, wonder, examine, and question everything in her path; and, occasionally, write about herself in third person. Yeah…Some people do think she’s weird. And a bit crazy. And very much “unique”. Well…WHATEVER…She won’t contest any of these accusations. Maybe because they’re all simply and plainly true…Anyway, let’s just continue.

Dr. BSS is of opinion that there’s nothing wrong with being curious – that’s this “nerd” part mentioned in the beginning.

There’s nothing wrong with not buying every bullshit that’s offered to us on daily basis – that’s the “arrogant” part.

There’s nothing wrong with disagreeing with other people – that’s the “know-it-all better” part.

There’s nothing wrong with having a bit strange sense of humor.

It all comes down to being difficult; though, she would rather say she’s complicated – and that’s not a bad trait at all.

The problem is not too many people around her appreciate any of the mentioned misunderstood aspects of Dr. BSS’s personality. WHATEVER…

All Dr. BSS wants to do is to get an answer so she can have other questions.

She wants to spend a lot of time getting things wrong before, on very few occasions, getting it right.

She wants to argue so she can exercise her attitude, and, let’s be honest, have some fun while at it.

She wants to look at this wild, foolish, and interesting world with some humor (no matter how small amount of people will actually laugh) and without any constrains.

So, let’s be curious. Let’s question. Let’s disagree. Let’s discuss. Let’s have fun. Let’s get it wrong…

Or…I’ll just write WHATEVER comes to my mind and see where it takes me.




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