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Little Jabba the Hutt

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Jabba the Hutt wasn’t just a fictional creature in the Star Wars movies. Only its size was fictional. When you downsize it a bit, the real Jabba the Hutt is a fish that lives off the coast of south-eastern Australia … Continue reading

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“Throne Wars” – Politically Incorrect Racially Insensitive Bedtime Story

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Political Satire meets Fantasy meets Bedtime Story first published on Allvoices – click here   “Throne Wars”   Once upon a time there was a suspicious looking black man wearing a hoodie. He was affectionately nicknamed Hoodie BO by his … Continue reading

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“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” – But his heart is already there!

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Most of the time, you can find your heart slightly left of center with the base above the apex in the chest. Most of the time. But in this particular case, you will find it slightly lower, in the center, … Continue reading

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Vampire Woman

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Maria Jose Cristerna has dental fangs, surgically implanted titanium horns, tattoos covering 90% of her body, and so many piercings you need to be good at math to count them all. Tattoos and piercings are nothing special these days, but … Continue reading

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Floccinaucinihilipilification Diary – Part Two

I’m somewhat iracundulous right now. I was in need of growlery so I took on my favorite lucubration: sashaying through my neighborhood and siffilating.  Not that I can do it well – siffilating, I mean. This entire imbroglio was caused … Continue reading

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Floccinaucinihilipilification Diary – Part One

I was gledging against the sun when I woke up this morning and could hear some babeldom coming from outside. Or maybe it was simply acouasm… I was scratching my sinciput and proboscis trying to accoy my bulimy. Thankfully, there … Continue reading

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