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Here comes the huggable, and much more, Hugvie – robotic pillow-phone

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Hugvie is something for those who feel their phone calls are cold and distant. Well, you may say, not all phone calls are cold and distant… But it’s not about that type of phone calls… Or at least it’s not … Continue reading

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Nokia’s ‘Stimulating’ Innovation of Vibrating Tattoo

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Is your mind wandering off into the lands of self-induced sexual pleasure like mine was when I heard the phrase ‘vibrating tattoo’? No? Yes? I guess it’s the word ‘vibrating’ that steered me wrong. Get your mind out of the … Continue reading

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Year-End Celebration of the Ingeniously Weird Science

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Did you know that some fish are scared of their own reflections? Aren’t you relieved that there’s no evidence of contagious yawning in the red-footed tortoise? Would you like to know how impaired is your attention and concentration when having … Continue reading

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It’s scientifically proven: dealing with work issues at home is stressing women out!

To all women out there: don’t take work home! It’ll make you feel guilty and stress you out. Surprisingly, it’s not true for men. Surprisingly, indeed… Anyway, to all bosses out there: let men take work home but leave women … Continue reading

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Invasion of the Body Scanners

I don’t want to write about the privacy concerns regarding the recently employed body scanners at various airports. Do I feel invaded? Do I feel very unhappy about the idea of my fat ass and saggy boobs being exposed? Oh … Continue reading

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